WP SiteClub is designed to UNCOMPLICATE web presence. Start with our Foundation plan that includes everything you need to stay relevant in today’s information overloaded online landscape. Upgrade your plan when you need or pick individual add-ons. 

Foundation Plan

The following essential features are included with every WP SiteClub Plan:

Domain Name

Your domain is your online identity. We register, renew and protect all your domain names.

What’s Included: Your first domain is free(up to $20). All other registrations & renewals at-cost. #youpaywhatwepay

Privacy & 1yr Expiry Protection included. 

Cloud Hosting on AWS

Ensure smooth customer interactions and be ready for unexpected traffic surges. We don’t compromise with Web Hosting No Sharing! Managed VPS on AWS – pick from 13 locations worldwide

What’s Included: 1 Core, 1 GB Ram, 25 GB Disk & 1TB Transfer. Easily upgrade as you go. 

G-Suite by Google

We manage the best email & productivity suite for your business: GMail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Meet and more. Powered by Google Cloud.

What’s Included: 1 G-Suite Basic user account. Discounts on any additional accounts.

Managed WordPress

Just focus on your website content. We make sure your WordPress, plugins & themes are up to date.

What’s Included: WP, plugin and theme installation, testing and updates and uptime monitoring.


Performance Management

No one likes waiting, don’t lose customers over slow website speed.

What’s Included: AWS S3 media hosting, PHP OPcache, Redis cache, Cloudflare CDN, caching plugins, automated image resizing & optimization, daily performance testing and more.

Bullet-Proof Backups

Made a mistake? A plugin update broke your site? Keep your data safe with automated on-site & off-site backups.

What’s Included: Daily website and server backups. 90 days retention and unlimited free data restores.

Security Management

We keep you and your customers safe by deploying and monitoring best-in-class security software.

What’s Included: SSL Certificate managemenbt, Daily Security Scanning, Server and WordPress security best practices implementation.

Premium Stack

Get all the premium functionality you need! We license, install and maintain highly rated and trusted premium plugins & themes to enhance WordPress.

What’s Included: Web forms, Visual Builders, Popular Themes, caching and security plugins,  etc.

Service & Support

Get all the help you need with unlimited support for issues. Use service tokens for design/dev time.

What’s Included: 2 service tokens/mo*, unlimited ticket-based support

* Each Token represents a 15-min request.

Foundation Plan - Starting at $79/mo

Make the most out of your web presence. Choose between annual($79/mo), quarterly($89/mo) or monthly($99/mo) billing.
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Professional Plan

For high-traffic or transactional websites that do more than just present information. The plan includes everything in the Foundation plan, along with:

Performance Hosting Stack on AWS

What’s Included: 

  • Web Server VPS: 2-core, 4GB RAM, 50 GB Disk, 2TB Data Transfer
  • Separate Database server: 1-core, 1GB Ram
  • Cloudflare Web Application Firewall
  • S3 Media Hosting with Cloudflare CDN
  • Based on the Roots.io Bedrock stack
  • GIT Version Control
  • Twice-daily file system & database backups
  • Daily Web & Database Server Backup
  • WordFence Premium
  • PHP Composer based package management

Priority Service & Support

With service tokens you request our help to edit or add content, build web-forms, modify plugin settings, design landing pages and much more. Priority support ensures that issues are looked at immediately, minimizing impact to customer experience or online revenue. We strive to resolve priority support requests within one business day. Your website is monitored every minute and our engineers are automatically alerted if an issue is detected.

What’s Included: 1-Business Day ticket based support and 8 Service Tokens/mo*. Discounted rates for additional tokens.

* Each Token represents a 15-min request.

Professional Plan - Starting at $279/mo

Make the most out of your web presence. Choose between annual($279/mo), quarterly($314/mo) or monthly($349/mo) billing.
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Business Plan

For sites that serve large audiences, change often or provide multiple services. Handle millions of visitors in a month. The plan includes everything in Foundation and Professional plans, along with:

Fault-Tolerant Stack on AWS

What’s Included:

  • 99.95% uptime guaranteed
  • Zero-Downtime Deployments
  • High Availability Load Balancer
  • 2 Web Servers hosted in separate availability zones – 2 Cores & 4 GB Ram
  • High Availability Database Cluster with automated failover
  • Malware & Hacking Protection and Removal
  • Website Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring
  • AWS S3 Media Hosting and AWS Cloudfront CDN

24×7 Multi-Channel Support & Service

What’s Included: 24×7 incident support for high priority issues with 4 hr response time. 1/2 Business Day ticket or phone based support and 16 Service Tokens/mo*. Discounted rates for additional tokens.

* Each Token represents a 15-min request.

Business Plan - Starting at $479/mo

Choose between annual($479/mo), quarterly($539/mo) or monthly($599/mo) billing.
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